John Lennon and Siamese Cat – 1965



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7 Responses to “John Lennon and Siamese Cat – 1965”

  1. rebecca james Says:

    Hello, I’m trying to locate John Greco who lived in Atlanta, GA 17 years ago. I adopted my precious himalayan kitten from him. Please contact me with any information.

    Thank you,

    Rebecca James

    • John Greco Says:


      sorry, I cannot help you. I did live in Alpahretta at the time but I never adopted out any cats.

  2. Kathryn Erb Says:

    John loved cats, a fact I did not know until I attended one of his art exhibitions. He thought we could learn much from them and used them in teaching his small son. He has beautiful drawings of cats. I think this is a beautiful picture!!!!!!

  3. neil raby Says:

    hi i love this photo! do you know if anyone is selling them as posters or canvas prints?

    thanks for your time.


  4. Sabrina Walker Says:

    I use this picture for my Face Book profile pic. It has 2 of my favorite things, John Lennon and Siamese cats.

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