Harry and Tonto


    Written and directed by Paul Mazursky, Harry and Tonto is the story of a retired man and his cat. When his apartment building in New York City is torn down Harry and his cat, Tonto, embark on a cross country trip to visit his children. It is a tender and sensitive story and you may get a bit misty at the end.  Art Carney, won the Academy Award for Best Actor for this film, which may have included some sympathy votes since his co-nominees included Al Pacino for “The Godfather 2”, Dustin Hoffman for “Lenny” and Jack Nicholson for “Chinatown.”  That said, Carney does give an excellent performance of a man at a cross road  in his life maintaining his dignity and refusing to be bitter about life’s sometime ugly twist and turns.

     Mazursky was at the peak of his writing and directing career when this film was made in 1974. Having completed “Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice” and “Blume in Love.” Shortly to follow were “Next Stop, Greenwich Village” and “An Unmarried Woman.” Mazursky was nominated, along with co-writer Josh Greenfeld, for Best Original Screenplay.


“Harry and Tonto” will be on HBO Comedy Channel on May 10th at 11:30AM.  Don’t Miss!




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